Why We Do It: Things That Matter


We say yes to Him because in the end no matter what else we may want in life (and we all have some dream or desire) there is a “something” that we know the world, even the good things in the world, can’t really give us or satisfy in us.  We all ask ourselves initially: Can I live without this, do without that?  But it’s not about letting go of things, but about letting go of ourselves and giving our heart.  It’s about wanting Him.  And He is never outdone in generosity.  Is it an easy life?  Of course not.  But no life on this earth (regardless of what advertisements may say) is an easy life.  We don’t have the luxury to choose a life without hardships. There are hardships in life; without them we don’t grow, don’t mature.  But we do have the grace, if we want it, to choose to suffer those hardships with Him or without Him.  That’s a life of love, a love that never ends but only keeps growing deeper and stronger.

In the end, Carmel is about inner freedom, which is what detachment really means, a freedom from useless cares and preoccupations, a freedom from all things we’re so sure are important but really aren’t.  A life of prayer in Carmel is a life free for love, and that’s what matters.  In the end, that’s all that matters.